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We energize DEI initiatives through strategic storytelling that help set them apart from others.

We partner with leading businesses, such as Merrill, Pfizer, HBO, JPMorgan Chase, and Cummins, in helping brand and strengthen their Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI) programs. Our strategic solutions helped them engage with their stakeholders – people of different ages, races, ethnicities, abilities, disabilities, genders, religions, cultures and sexual orientations – promoting their best practices and commitment to every person, in every business and every community. 

We can help you create an effective, strategic DEI positioning that go beyond predictable clichés, producing an engaging brand narrative that adds uniqueness and memorability to your initiative. Your message will connect with stakeholders visually, intellectually and emotionally, convey your commitment to DEI and inspire action.​

Here are excerpts of DEI programs we helped develop. Take a look. See how we think. View the storytelling strategies we create that can provide your program the distinctive positioning you seek.

diverse business people

Supplier Diversity Program

Merrill’s commitment to expanding business opportunities for their diverse suppliers is reflected in the magnitude of its procurement expenditures. They needed a brand positioning that projects their commitment and captures their motto: "Equal access to opportunity"

Storytelling strategy: Having developed the theme "Equal access to opportunity" for Merrill’s Supplier Diversity Program, the identity we created instantly conveys equality and equal access. The equal sign also subtly resonates with the quantitative nature of their business. Across multiple print and web-based applications, the imprint of an equal sign brands the collateral material and reiterates the program’s mission.

logo with equal sign conveys equality
image with equal sign convey diversity
image with equal sign convey diversity
image with equal sign convey diversity
image with equal sign convey diversity
image with equal sign convey diversity

"... Patrick Florville listens, asks the right questions and delivers an innovative approach that exceeds your expectations." Merrill

HBO Diversity,
Equity & Inclusion Program

diverse geoup

HBO needed a distinctive positioning for their Diversity, Equity & Inclusion program 

A solution that engages their diverse suppliers and also captures the essence of their brand.

Storytelling strategy: Along with the theme "Picture Diversity", we created a brand narrative unique to HBO, that conveys both entertainment and diversity: multi-colored popcornWith consistent messaging across all media, cups of colorful popcorn are handed out in a range of venues to echo the theme and engage the audience.

color popcorn conveys diversity and entertainment
colored popcorn
cup of colored popcorn
colored popcorn
colored popcorn

"Florville Catalyst provided the creativity and professionalism to develop HBO's Diversity ad and promotional program. Working with Patrick was a wonderful experience and his expertise added to the overall value and outstanding service to HBO. Patrick Florville is a top performer in the industry."   HBO

group of diverse employees

JP Morgan Chase
Supplier Diversity

As part of its Supplier Diversity initiative, JPMorgan Chase created the Small Business Networking Program, producing a series of events designed to build business relationships and foster strategic partnerships among its diverse supplier base.

Storytelling strategy: Befitting this agenda, we developed a powerful, yet friendly identity which conveys, at-a-glance, the program’s mission: collaboration, harmony and alliance, while reflecting their tagline “Partnering for Success.”

joined hands logo conveys harmony
partnering for success
Diversity among business executives
Diversity among business executives
Diversity among business executives newsletter
Diversity among business executives newletter

"… great professionalism: quality work, quick turnaround, flexibility, a sensitivity to deadlines and – especially important in this business – grace under pressure.” JPMorgan Chase

diverse group of employees

Pfizer Diversity,
Equity & Inclusion Program

The DEI campaign we developed for Pfizer demonstrates that diversity is rooted into the very essence of nature. 

Storytelling strategy: In nature, apples and oranges, for example, look different and taste different. But, they’re part of the same family. Pfizer views diversity trough the same lens. Hence their motto:  “Some see differences. We see Diversity.”  

different fruits convey diversity
different fruits convey diversity
exhibit of different fruits convey diversity

"Working with Florville is always a pleasure. Patrick and his team go above and beyond to meet deliverables and to ensure the project is in on time, within budget and at the highest quality.  We’re particularly happy about the vision they brought to the branding of our Supplier Diversity Program." Pfizer

Fusco Builders
Diversity, Equity
& Inclusion Program

diverse employees

With three generations of leaderships, Fusco Builders aimed at developing a D&I program, toward engaging diverse talents and ensuring future growth. 

Storytelling strategy: Reflecting the tagline “Inclusion. Our Blueprint for Success”, the brand identity we developed conveys the essence and benefit of inclusion: two arrows which point to different directions, representing diverse philosophies and points-of-view, collaborating toward a common goal – the company's success. The two arrows also represent the very nature of a builder, taking a plan to its fulfillment.

inclusion logo
inclusion logo on web page
inclusive group
inclusion logo on bottle

Cummins Worldwide Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Program Newsletter

diverse group


Cummins is a power leader that designs, manufactures, distributes and services diesel, natural gas, electric and hybrid powertrains, electrified power systems, hydrogen generation and fuel cell products among others. 

Storytelling strategy: We created a digital newsletter with an engaging format that fosters bold visuals and headlines. The templates are easily implemented in multiple languages by their corporate offices worldwide. 

diversity newsletter
diversity newsletter
diversity newsletter
DEI anchor
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