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Empowering businesses and emerging startups, we help establish a compelling presence among their largest competitors.

Having helped global brands compete effectively, our market intelligence brings added value to small/mid sized businesses and emerging startups. Here are excerpts of some strategic programs we’ve helped develop.

Take a look. See how we think. View the storytelling strategies we developed and the results we helped achieve.

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Highnote Brand Strategy, Design and Development

The executives at Allegra Marketing Services needed help in establishing an independent regional and national brand of their own, entitled Highnote. To that end, we partnered with VergeX Communications, combining our expertise in strategy, branding and design to develop a new and empowering brand for this 25-years-strong business. 


Storytelling results: "The multifaceted branding program your team developed established a strategic visual and narrative story that helped customers trust that we were the same valued friends, but with a new name and look that launched our new identity with excitement and visibility". – Highnote

HighNote Logo
highnote capabilities folder
highnote capabilities brochure
highnote capabilities brochure
highnote brand standards
highnote website
highnote social media
highnote social media
Highnote company vehicle branding
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"Now, after months of solid success, we’re thrilled to have achieved the continuity and growth we had been looking for!” Highnote


DMD Marketing Corp Brand Development

linear graph

DMD Marketing Corp is a leader in precision email targeting to healthcare professionals. They needed a strong brand identity and digital presence, an effective lead generation system to support aggressive business goals and market demand. To that end, we collaborated with our Inbound/Outbound/Content Marketing partner, White Space Marketing Group to develop this multifaceted program.


Storytelling resultsThe program we jointly developed helped achieve the following: An inbound perspective on helping and engaging customers led to +128% increase in web traffic; better branding crystallized and expressed DMD's competitive edge; a soup-to-nuts inbound marketing machine enabled the sales force to reach stretched goals, doubling leads and growing revenues +33% year over year.

web page on mobile device
web page
web page
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e book cover
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“Patrick Florville is a strategic thinker; a true collaborator. If you are looking for a design partner who goes away, works and comes back with one answer, Patrick is not your guy. If you're looking for an expanded definition of branding, creativity combined with discipline, and an unmatched work ethic, call Patrick Florville. You won't be disappointed.” – White Space Marketing Group


Tierra Inca Cosmetics Branding and Packaging 

machu picchu

We helped brand Tierra Inca Cosmetics, a new bronzing powder which is derived from butterflies’ wings. Reflecting its pre-Columbian Aztec heritage, we developed a distinctive packaging and in-store display, capturing the historic Inca’s sanctuary of Machu Picchu. The packaging was cost-efficiently produced as ceramic jars with a cork closure, which serves as applicator. 

Storytelling resultsTierra Inca's distinctive positioning and packaging won numerous awards. It was recognized by the Package Design Council and included among other distinctive cosmetics brands. It took part of several international exhibits and commanded attention of the cosmetics industry. In a relatively short time, Tierra Inca, a small cosmetic line, achieved a competitive, international presence among more established brands.

Tierra Inca Cosmetics

Spectrum Personal Communications Branding Program

network image

Spectrum Personal Communications, a multidisciplinary consulting firm which provides a array of marketing communications services to Fortune 1000 companies, manufacturers, construction companies, real estate developers and government agencies. They needed their new brand to have a competitive presence in the markeplace.

Storytelling resultsThe brand positioning we developed has vastly improved Spectrum image, strengthened their marketing capabilities on multiple external platforms, helping the firm gain visibility in new market segments, resulting in client base expansion.

spectrum logo
spectrum marketing material
spectrum marketing material
logo on water bottle
spectrum marketing material
spectrum marketing material
spectrum marketing material
spectrum marketing material

“Patrick Florville has partnered with us on several branding related projects. Florville Catalyst's work is always inspiring and effective. We highly recommend them” – Spectrum Personal Communications

Burch Energy Services
Branding Program

solar energy

Burch Energy Services, an energy engineering firm providing environmentally conscious design, installation, and demand side management needed to establish a compelling presence in the industry.

Storytelling results: The brand positioning we developed has empowered Burch Energy's presence in the industry and helped promote their mission: Mitigating the effects of climate change, helping communities participate and thrive in the clean energy economy, contributing to the adoption of environmentally conscious practices, assisting clients in becoming stewards of the earth and respecting the finite resources available to all of us.

burch energy logo
burch energy logo
molecular image

Newristics LLC
Brand Identity Program

Human decision heuristics have existed since the dawn of man. They’re the quick “mental shortcuts” hardwired in our brains to let us make the vast majority of our decisions in an instant. Our client, Newristics LLC, is the global leader in applying human decision heuristics science to insights and marketing and needed their new brand to be positioned as such.

Storytelling resultsThe brand positioning we developed for Newristics captures their tag line "Shortcut to Great" and projects their promise to deliver clarity and immediacy. It has anchored their marketing efforts, helped expand their customers base and ultimately contributing to the company's growth.

newristics logo
newristics package
brochure image
image on tablet

Sutton East Associates

Brand Design

construction site

Sutton East Associates, a fast growing real estate development firm, earned a solid reputation for building distinctive properties and wanted their new brand to project that image.

Storytelling resultsBefitting that mandate, the brand positioning we developed transforms their initial “S” into a multidimensional and architecturally provocative symbol. It spearheaded their marketing efforts and helped Sutton East further project its presence as a distinctive real estate developer, in an industry dominated mainly by larger competitors.

sutton east associates logo
obgyn clinic  visit

Treasure Coast OBGYN Center Brand Design

Treasure Coast OBGYN Center, a family-centric clinic, serving diverse women of all ages, with various needs including reproductive health, pregnancy and childbirth, needed to differentiate themselves from other local clinics.

Storytelling resultsThe brand positioning we developed for Treasure Coast stands out from other clinics. It projects a friendly and professional image that engages and connects with the diverse communities the OBGYN center serves, promising a more personable and attentive service than other local clinics.

Treasure Coast OBGYN Center  logo
user experience sketch

Hudson Fusion
Brand Design

Hudson Fusion, a web development firm, believes in working closely with their clients as business partners, developing successful strategies that make a meaningful impact on their company, industry, and goals.

Storytelling strategy: The brand identity we developed illustrates and conveys the partnering mindset inherent in their name.

hudson fusion logo
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