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brand identities 

We turn ideas into engaging and effective brand identities:

The cornerstones to building a memorable and timeless brand. 

Florville Catalyst creates engaging and effective brand identities — the cornerstones to building 

a memorable and timeless brand. 


Our branding solutions, in-a-glance, engage your audience, tell your story and advance your cause. 

They establish visual, intellectual and emotional connections that inspire action. 


We beleive a well-conceived brand identity should withstand the test of time. Our solutions, therefore, are timeless by design, never seeking to be trendy or garish. 


Here is a range of brand identities we’ve developed for diverse businesses and organizations. Take a 

look at our work. See how we think. View the branding solutions we create to provide our clients a 

compelling presence among their larger, better known competitors.

Merrill Lynch Supplier Diversity


Diversity & Inclusion (D&I) initiatives are programs through which corporations engage minority and woman-owned businesses (MWBEs), which are not traditionally included, to a large extent, in the supply chain. Merrill’s commitment to expanding business opportunities for MWBEs is reflected in the magnitude of its procurement expenditures. 


Befitting the D&I branding theme “Equal Access to Opportunity”, the identity we created transforms the letter E into an equal sign, conveying equality and equal access, at-a-glance. The equal sign also subtly resonates with the quantitative nature of Merrill’s business. Across multiple print and web-based applications, the watermark of an equal sign brands Merrill D&I program and reiterates its mission.

1. merrill diversity logo-min.png

Friends of Paradis des Indiens

Haiti became an independent nation in 1804, when it threw off French colonial control and slavery. In spite of trade embargoes, chronic instability, political unrests and natural disasters, Haitians have remained resilient, proud and creative, with a strong sense of nationalism and community.


Committed to Haiti’s economic development, Friends of PDI, a grassroots organization, promotes self-sufficiency in the country’s provinces by supporting artisanal entrepreneurship and the production of arts & crafts, embroidery and woodwork. In branding Friends of PDI, we developed an organic identity, portraying the alliance of the artisanal community and depicting the tactile, hands-on nature of their craft.

2. PDI logo 1-min.png


Allegra Marketing Services established an independent national brand of their own, entitled Highnote, a full-service production and marketing communications company. 


In the identity we developed, Highnote’s elevated magenta circle works together with the brand tagline —“Your Brand. Elevated.” — to create a sense of weightlessness, placing the client (“Your Brand”) at the center of the company’s focus.

3. highnote logo-min.png

JP Morgan Chase Supplier Diversity 


As part of its Supplier Diversity initiative, JPMorgan Chase created the Small Business Networking Program, producing a series of events which build business relationships and foster strategic partnerships among its diverse supplier base. 


Captured by the concept we created, a powerful, yet friendly identity projects the program’s mission, at-a-glance: collaboration, harmony and alliance, reflecting the brand tagline “Partnering for Success.”

jpm partnering logo hi rez-min.jpg
jpm partnering logo hi rez-min.jpg

New York Council of Nonprofits (NYCON)


NYCON helps New York’s nonprofits to build their capacity for growth and community impact. The organization is a powerful voice for the nonprofit sector and a one-stop resource for the tools and support services nonprofits need to succeed.


Befitting NYCON’s mission, the brand identity we developed embodies a blazing and illuminating torch, positioning the organization as a beacon, leader and guiding light for the nonprofit community throughout New York State.

NYCON logo NO TAG RGB-min.png

Forgotten Children of Haiti

Economic hardship, coupled with political instability, has compounded the impact of natural disasters on the condition of Haitian children, particularly in terms of health, education and welfare.


For over 30 years, FCH, a nonprofit organization, has been active in promoting good will, raising funds and making an overall impact in improving the lives of Haitian children.


In branding and helping FCH tell its story and strengthen its cause, the brand identity we developed captures vividly the reality of children that are unseen, unattended and abandoned, through the gradual effacement of a paper doll chain.

forgotten children-min.png

Lumina Creative

With a mission to engage and enlighten audiences, Lumina Creative is a full-service consulting firm specializing in branding and marketing communications.

7. Lumina logo-min.png

Royal Reading Club

The Royal Reading Club is a book discussion group which promotes diverse literary perspectives that bring people together, across multiple social media platforms and in-person events. The club also promotes book drives where donations benefit children literacy programs.


As captured by the identity we developed, the Florville branding strategy engages and connects the Royal Reading Club with an audience which considers itself “Page Turners.”

royal reading Compressed logo light colo

Barnard College Centennial Theme

Commemorating their centennial, Barnard College wanted to acknowledge the past as the cornerstone to an even brighter future.


Branding the centennial, the Florville Solution morphed the number 100 with an infinity sign, creating a memorable identity thatcaptures, at-a-glance, their milestone theme “A century of infinite possibilities.

8. barnard logo-min.png

Admirals Lacrosse

Lacrosse is an expensive sport to play and typically not a staple of urban high school youths. 


In an effort to level the playing field, Admirals Lacrosse was conceived with a unique mission: Helping talented urban youths gain access to ivy league scholarships.


Befitting this objective, we developed a dynamic identity that captures the game multidimensional movements, incredibly fast-paced and quick-moving transitions, positioning the Admirals as a fierce competitor among ivy league Lacrosse teams.

9. admiral logo-min.png

Treasure Coast OBGYN Center

The Treasure Coast OBGYN Center, is a family-centric clinic, that serves women of all ages and diverse needs including reproductive health, pregnancy and childbirth.

Standing out from similar establishments, the identity we developed is not typical or clinical. Rather, it projects a friendly, yet professional image that welcomes and connects with the diverse communities the center serves.

Compressed Treasure Coast OB-GYN Center

Hudson Fusion LLC

Hudson Fusion is a web development firm, developing custom digital solutions which combine marketing techniques with strategic web design and new emerging technologies. 


The brand identity we developed captures Hudson Fusion collaborative relationship with their clients — working together to achieve powerful results. 

10. hudson fusion logo-min.png

Sutton East Associates

Sutton East Associates are Real Estate developers, with a solid reputation for building distinctive real estate properties.


As captured by the identity we developed, the company’s initial “S” is transformed into a distinctive, multidimensional and architecturally provocative symbol to brand this innovative real estate development group.

11. sutton east logo-min.png


Heuristics and behavioral sciences have been emerging as a major force in the psychology of communications over the past sixty years. Newristics LLC, is the global leader in applying decision science heuristics to marketing insights. 


Captured by the concept we developed, the Newristics’ brand identity projects clarity and efficiency. Reflecting the brand tagline “Shortcut to Great”, the design moves you directly from point A to point B, in a way that brings outstanding solutions forward.

12. newristics logo-min.jpg

The Mid-Atlantic ADA Center, Accessible Meetings, Events and Conferences Guide


The Guide provides regulatory updates along with practical guidance from a host of meeting planner professionals and subject matter experts, toward making every meeting, event and conference accessible and ensuring the full inclusion and participation of all attendees and presenters.


Befitting The Guide’s purpose, the brand identity we developed embodies a compass, conveying, at-a-glance: directing, planning and informing.

13. access guide logo-min.png

Fusco Builders Inclusion Program

With three generations of leaderships, Fusco Builders aimed at developing a D&I program, toward engaging diverse talents and ensuring future growth. 


Reflecting the brand tagline “Inclusion. Our Blueprint for Success”, the letter “S” (in Inclusion) consists of two arrows pointing to different directions, suggesting diverse philosophies and points of view, working together for a single purpose. 

13. fusco diversity logo-min.png

New York Families for Disability Rights

A New York State Government Agency, NYFDR was formed to create a community, giving families of people with developmental disabilities a place to connect with others across New York State.


Befitting NYFDR’s mission, the concept we created portrays the family unit at the core of the organization, projecting it as one that empowers, informs and educates families to make informed advocacy decisions for their loved ones. A color coded branding system identifies the various NYFDR chapters.

14. NYFDR long island logo-min.png
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