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We turn ideas into engaging and effective brand identities:

The cornerstones to building you a memorable and timeless brand. 

Connecting in a glance the visual, intellectual and emotional, the brand identities/logos we create, help convey your mission, tell your story, advance your cause and inspire action. 


We believe well conceived brand identities should withstand the test of time. Our solutions, therefore, are never trendy. They're timeless, by design.

Merrill Lynch Supplier Diversity


Having developed the theme "Equal access to opportunity" for Merrill Lynch’s Supplier Diversity Program, the identity we created instantly conveys equality and equal access. The equal sign also subtly resonates with the quantitative nature of their business. Across multiple print and web-based applications, the watermark of an equal sign brands the collateral material to reiterate the program’s mission.

Friends of Paradis des Indiens

A humanitarian non-profit organization, Friends of Paradis des Indiens promotes self-sufficiency in impoverished provinces of Haiti, through entrepreneurial development, including arts and crafts, embroidery and woodwork.


Highnote is a full-service production and marketing communications company. The expressive typography of the logo, with an elevated magenta circle works together with the brand tagline — “Your Brand. Elevated.” — to create a sense of weightlessness that places the client (“Your Brand”) at the center of the company’s focus. 

JP Morgan Chase Supplier Diversity 


Under the theme "Partnering for Success", a powerful, yet friendly, identity conveys partnership at a glance and brands JPMorgan Chase Supplier Diversity marketing material.

Spectrum Personal Communications


Spectrum provides a variety of consulting services to Fortune 1000 companies, manufacturers, large construction companies, developers and government agencies throughout the United States

Forgotten Children of Haiti

A grass root organization founded for the purpose of disseminating information, Forgotten Children Of Haiti promotes good will and raises funds toward improving the lives of Haitian children.

Lumina Creative

With a mission to engage and enlighten audiences, Lumina Creative is a full-service consulting firm specializing in branding and marketing communications.

Barnard College Centennial Theme

Having developed the theme "A century of infinite possibilities.”, we morphed an infinity sign and the number 100, to create an engaging and memorable identity for Barnard centennial anniversary.

Admirals Lacrosse

The Admirals is a Lacrosse program whose unique mission is to help urban youth gain access to Ivy League scholarships.

Hudson Fusion LLC

With a holistic and integrated approach, Hudson Fusion is a full service web design and development firm.

Sutton East Associates

The letter “S” is transformed into a multidimensional and architecturally provocative symbol to brand this innovative real estate development group.


Human decision heuristics have existed since the dawn of man. They’re the quick “mental shortcuts” hardwired in our brains to let us make the vast majority of our decisions in an instant.


Newristics is the global leader in applying decision heuristics science to insights and marketing.

The Mid-Atlantic ADA Center, Accessible Meetings, Events and Conferences Guide


Mid-Atlantic ADA Center sponsored this updated version in recognition of the 25th anniversary of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA25). The online Guide provides regulatory updates along with practical guidance from a host of meeting planner professionals and subject matter experts, toward making every meeting, event and conference accessible and ensuring the full inclusion and participation of all attendees and presenters.


Fusco Builders Inclusion Program

Conveying the essence of inclusion, the letter “S” in the logo consists of two arrows pointing in different directions, suggesting different points of view that work together for a single purpose.

New York Families for Disability Rights

New York Families For Disability Rights was formed to give families of people with developmental disabilities a place to connect with others across New York State, helping them make informed advocacy decisions for their loved ones.

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