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We work with you as a strategic partner, in helping engage your audience, telling your story, positioning your products, establishing your brand, and ultimately providing you a compelling presence among your largest competitors. Following are excerpts of strategic programs recently developed for some emerging brands.

Having helped leading brands compete effectively in the marketplace, we help your emerging brand achieve a compelling presence among your largest competitors.

HighNote Brand Strategy + Design Development


In early 2018, executives at Allegra Marketing Services, of Louisville, Kentucky, decided to leave the national network of 700+ franchise owners and establish an independent regional and national brand of their own. 


We partnered with Ray Ferreira Communications Strategies, combining our comprehensive experience in strategic, creative brand development and design to deliver a new and empowering brand for this 25-years-strong business.


This rebranding program included: 

> Brand Discovery Research 

> Strategic Brand Name Development 

> Brand Manifesto and Communications Platform 

> Brand and Identity Design and Guidelines Development 

> Digital Marketing Strategy 

> Website Design and Development 

> Social Media Launch Promotions and Lead Generation 

> A Portfolio of Printed Brand Identity Vehicles 

The HighNote Mark

Its expressive typography with an elevated magenta circle work together with the brand tagline — “Your Brand. Elevated.” — to create a sense of weightlessness that places the client (“Your Brand”) at the center of the company’s focus. 

3. highnote logo-min.png

The HighNote Alternate Mark

For smaller or less-horizontal spaces we created an alternative mark. Here the magenta circle appears to push to the top of its vertical space, providing a sense of buoyancy.

highnote secondary logo-min.png

The HighNote Die-Cut Mark

Our Brand Guidelines define a die-cut version of the HighNote logo. The die-cut mark allows and encourages a see-through lifted circle when there is an opportunity to reveal a vibrant color or brand image beneath that can entice viewers to look within. 

Pads exterior and Pens-min.jpg

Capabilities Folder

The HighNote Capabilities Folder demonstrates the “Your Brand Elevated” tag through its flexible use of the magenta circle. Within the folder, viewers find an opening statement that defines the tagline and then the four primary service categories with their icons. The Identity Brochure sits in its own special slit within the folder. The business card also rides in a smaller, narrower slit, calling attention to the identity of the team member who delivered the folder.

folder darker-min.jpg

Capabilities Brochure

The Identity Brochure die-cut logo offers a clue to vibrant and energizing brand images inside.

The brochure’s primary copy focuses on the customer priorities that HighNote team will impact... “Your Vision; Your Strategies; Your Sales; Your Results; and Your Brand… Elevated.” This is the WHY for customers who work with the HighNote team. Of secondary importance are the services offered—the HOWs—which are delivered as a sidebar caption on each spread. 

Capabilities Brochure 2-min.jpg

Point-of Contact Experiences

We wanted all incidental points-of-contact with HighNote to be memorable experiences. At events, seminars, and trade shows, the HighNote experience delivers exhilaration for viewers through vibrant, primary colors, high-energy activities and clear expressions of the brand promise.

Highnote banners

Event Giveaways

Diverse backgrounds with the HighNote Magenta Lifted Circle, create high visibility when prospects carry the brand around an event. Delivering giveaways that are keepers”—and don’t get thrown away when the prospect gets back to their office – is equally important. 

Highnote event giveaways

Vehicle Branding

The HighNote vehicle branding design ensures that viewers ask themselves, “Can HighNote help me?” Seeing HighNote at the corner of Fourth & Main, in downtown Louisville, or at the loading dock near your corporate office, should be a memorable experience.

Highnote vehicle branding

HighNote Brand Standards

To ensure brand fidelity and continuity for the foreseeable future, we delivered the HighNote Brand Book. This digital and print-based tool provided easy access to brand standards covering logo placement and clear space, typography, iconography, aligned imagery, and core messaging standards.

Highnote brand standards

Social Media Brand Launch

Three weeks prior to the HighNote brand launch, the firm ran a video teaser campaign for regional visibility. Three 17-second videos were pushed – on a weekly basis – into carefully targeted Facebook newsfeeds in the Louisville region. The three videos established curious anticipation with a click-through to a landing page called (named to preserve the mystery).  


All visitors who arrived at the landing page were cookied to ensure they would see subsequent teaser videos as well as a fourth video, which revealed that “Allegra Louisville is now HighNote,” and led audiences to once the launch date arrived.

Highnote brand launch videos
Highnote brand launch videos
Highnote brand launch videos
Highnote brand launch videos

Envisioning an Effective Digital Ecosystem

A careful review of HighNote’s target audience media habits helped us identify the best channels and messages to help this new ‘experience brand’ build a virtuous cycle of engagement for its paid, earned, and owned media environments. Content objectives, by channel, and activity calendars were developed to help the HighNote marketing team build relevant and magnetic posts.


Highnote social media strategy

Social Media Program

As part of the brand strategy, the HighNote team was trained on a vital Inbound Marketing Strategy that would help them build a deep following of qualified buyers. Aligned with the digital marketing strategy were Social Identities that expressed the brand in an exciting and engaging ways. On Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter, HighNote established itself as a brand that audiences wanted to follow.

Highnote social media program

HighNote Website

At the core of HighNote’ digital-first strategy is a responsive website that echoes all of the core brand messages. Imagery is selected to support a sense of height and elation. About Us includes a video message from the partners with text that expresses the company’s core purpose as expressed in its manifesto.

Highnote website

For the HighNote team, the branding process was more than a new marketing initiative. It provided an aligning compass that everyone shared… Raving fans, employees, prospects, and influencers all felt the pull toward a purpose and promise that they could believe in and were proud to associate with. 

Highnote team photo

Sutton East Associates

The letter “S” is transformed into a multidimensional and architecturally provocative symbol to brand this innovative real estate development group.

sutton east-min.png

Revitalizing DMD Marketing Corp.

dmd NEW slider a-min.jpg
dmd NEW cta 2-min.png
DMD NEW single cover-min.jpg

DMD Marketing Corp is a leader in precision email targeting to healthcare professionals. A core partner with global pharmaceutical manufacturers, medical marketing agencies, hospital systems, Health Care Practioners (HCP) recruiters, and CME providers, DMD consults with healthcare marketers across channels using email as an ROI driver.


DMD recognized the need for a strong digital presence and lead generation system to support aggressive business goals and market demand. Supported by a superior database, and sales and support staff with deep industry experience, a soup-to-nuts rebranding and inbound marketing machine boosted brand reach, lead generation, and sales force productivity.

Program Components


We collaborated with our Inbound/Outbound/Content Marketing partner, White Space Marketing Group, in providing DMD, the following:


> Brand Identity across website, social media, email and collateral content

> Website redesign and SEO 

> Design and development of engagement assets (ebooks), ads, newsletters

> Strategic marketing planning

> Inbound marketing implementation

> Social media strategy and programming

> Content development and deployment

> Outbound email marketing

> PPC Ad campaign planning and implementation 

> Content marketing: blog content, premium content, newsletters

Key results

> An inbound perspective on helping and engaging customers led to +128% increase in web traffic

> Better branding crystallized and expressed DMD's competitive edge

> A soup-to-nuts inbound marketing machine enabled the sales force to reach stretched goals, doubling leads and growing revenues +33% year over year.



dmd page computer on desk-min.png
dmd final landing page-min.png
3. ipad w all mid level pages.jpg
dmd NEW ctas-min.jpg
dmd ebook 3d-min.png
DMD 6 covers-min.jpg
dmd twitter page on tablet-min.jpg
8. ebooks covers and interiors.jpg
dmd newsletter-min.png
dmd newsletter on hand held tablet-min.p

" Patrick Florville is a strategic thinker; a true collaborator. If you are looking for a design partner who goes away, works and comes back with one answer, Patrick is not your guy. If you're looking for an expanded definition of branding, creativity combined with discipline, and an unmatched work ethic, call Patrick Florville. You won't be disappointed."

White Space Marketing Group

Tierra Inca Cosmetics

Reflecting its pre-Columbian Aztec heritage, Tierra Inca consists of a bronzing powder derived from butterflies’ wings. The distinctive packaging and display, reflecting the historic Inca’s sanctuary of Machu Picchu, was cost-efficiently produced as ceramic jars with a cork closure, which serves as applicator.


An award-winning, new cosmetic line, Tierra Inca achieved a competitive presence among well known, established brands.

Tierra Inca Cosmetics Reflecting its pre-Columbian Aztec heritage, Tierra Inca consists of a bronzing powder derived from butterflies’ wings. The packaging was produced as ceramic jars with a cork closure, which serves as applicator. The packaging and its display reflect the historic Inca’s sanctuary of Machu Picchu.
5. spectrum logo-min.png

Spectrum Personal Communications


Spectrum Personal Communications provides a variety of consulting services to Fortune 1000 companies, manufacturers, large construction companies, developers and government agencies throughout the United States.

communities page on computer-min.jpg
spectrum broch 3d-min.jpg
logo on water bottle-min.png
interior pages-min.jpg
ppt cover on tablet-min.png


Human decision heuristics have existed since the dawn of man. They’re the quick “mental shortcuts” hardwired in our brains to let us make the vast majority of our decisions in an instant.


Newristics is the global leader in applying decision heuristics science to insights and marketing.

12. newristics logo-min.jpg

Hudson Fusion


With a holistic and integrated approach, Hudson Fusion is a full service web design and development firm.

10. hudson fusion logo-min.png
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