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We create effective strategies that withstand the test of time, and, like a classic novel, our creative is never dated. This archive section includes some of our past projects, which would be as successful today as they were then.

The brands featured in the following projects include Bell Atlantic, Citigroup, Colgate, JPMorgan Chase, MasterCard, Time Warner, Verizon, among others. The categories are:

> Branding

> B2B Communications

> Internal Communications

> Promotions

> Product Design & Packaging

> Community Engagement


The Advertising Council Graphic Standards Guide


The Advertising Council’s name and logo symbolize a 50-year tradition of effective public service advertising. Their logo has established a reputation within the communication 

industry for professionally produced, thoughtful advertising on meaningful social issues. The media rely on the Council’s signature as the standard for public service advertising.


Concerned about the inconsistent treatment of its brand, the Ad Council asked us to develop a branding strategy and create a graphic standards to guide the ad agencies usage of its identity and that of sponsor organizations, across multiple print and digital media applications. 


For over 25 years, guided by the Graphics Standards we developed, ad agencies have been able to maintain a consistent treatment of the Ad Council brand and its sponsor organizations.

We’re happy to share the following comment from the Ad Council in regards to the guide we developed.

“ ...the guide was presented before Advertising Agencies and Sponsor Organizations 

affiliated with the Council. It was applauded as an easily understood guide which took the mystery out of placing the Ad Council logo. You delivered on your promise to have a piece that’s professionally produced, thoughtfully constructed and easily implemented”.


B2B Communications

Citibank Crossmar Services

With a dominant market share in e-commerce, Crossmar needed a distinctive identity for its marketing program and a packaging system for a full line of products. Its identity was established as a brand distinct from Citigroup to encourage competing banks to use its products. For the growing family of products, we developed a modular packaging system which accommodated sales litterature, proposals and marketing presentations.

Citibank Citi treasury Manager (CTM)


CTM was seeking a competitive presence among other, better known financial products. Their sales team also needed more engaging and efficient marketing materials.


Projecting an engaging and contemporary look, the program we developed helped positioned CTM competitively among other financial products and provided the marketing/sales team with a modular packaging system to help expedite proposals and make new business presentations more efficient.  


Citibank, Quotron Foreign Exchange Trader

Quotron, part of Citibank’s family of flagship products, was a commercial foreign exchange trading tool that needed to create a distinct positioning from its competitors. Our strategy was to develop a consumer-friendly look and feel, to take Quotron beyond the predictable images of the financial services industry. For its marketplace unveiling, at a financial conference, we created a relay race booth concept, including a baton adorned with international flags, to serve as packaging for a Quotron promotional poster/literature kit. The relay race metaphor, and specifically the baton concept, were successful focusing audience attention on the vital aspect of service reliability and soon after were extended to all the marketing assets.

citibank fxt quotron
citibank NEW 2 quotron broch and baton-m

NYNEX Enterprise Services

NYNEX Enterprises’ products were marketed individually and as an integrated line, requiring an expandable packaging system for its capabilities materials, brochures, folders and presentation kits.

Bell Atlantic Data Solutions Group

With a growing family of products, marketed individually and as an integrated line, Data Solutions Group required an engaging marketing program, befitting their flagship products.

MasterCard Communications

Contributing to MasterCard competitive edge, we branded and helped develop many of its flagship products, including: B2B and B2C materials; employee communications; executive presentations; The MasterCard Gold Marketing Kit; MasterCard Travelers Cheques point of sales and mailers; Annual Meetings of Members materials and annual reports which were produced in five languages. A special summer promotion with American Airlines boosted sales of MasterCard Travelers Cheques, and US volume reached $1 billion, up seven percent.

Percon Tech Corp.


An ambitious, fast track entrant in the competitive IT arena, Percon Tech Corp needed a more effective branding and integrated marketing. The program we created provided them a compelling presence among larger, better known tech firms. And with a more competitive image, Percon succeeded to be among those invited to bid for more important contracts.

New Life Industries


New Life is a maintenance company whose dedicated workforce consists largely of former homeless individuals given the opportunity to start a new life. The CEO, himself, rose from homelessness. We created a compelling and competitive presence for New Life which commanded the attention of their corporate customers. Our strategy was to develop a look and feel totally foreign to the maintenance industry, and more reminiscent to that of architectural firms, typically known for their affinity to clean lines/surfaces and attention to fine details. Illustrating their total maintenance services, the marketing material included engaging die cut windows which offered an at-a-glance, telescopic/layered view, from the building exterior, lobby, hallways, to an office conference room -- befitting their tag line: "We maintain the big picture...and the small."

McClure Management Group

A successful staffing firm, McClure was also a new player in the outplacement field among global giants. They needed to establish a presence that built on existing strengths and emphasized new capabilities. Their point of distinction was the McClure Methodology: FOCUS TM, a proprietary, holistic process committed to the needs and success of each participant. 


Internal Communications

Bell Atlantic Customer Support Center

In advent of the upcoming Customer Support Center, Bell Atlantic needed a company-wide campaign to inform stakeholders that, as of the launch date, specific customers issues were to be directed to the new Center. That said, we developed an engaging, interactive internal promotion, in the form of a desktop dartboard, and entitled: “Aim for the Center”. The promotion was very effective and the dartboards were a big hit, judging by the additional production requests we received. Juxtaposed below is the Verizon Retail Markets Group Award ceremony program.

JPMorgan Chase Service Star

In addition to print collateral, an engaging and user-friendly intranet site enhances audience participation in this employee recognition program.

JPMorgan Internal Communications


We've produced several JPMorgan quarterly magazines, online newsletters, employee portal/intranet sites and senior executives presentations. The material we created helped engage diverse audience and establishing a company wide, national, internal presence for their new products and services.

Chase, HR Flexible Work Arrangement Toolkit

We helped create and develop the Chase, HR Flexible Work Arrangement Toolkit. This multi-component kit informed and promoted diverse employees flexible work options to better manage work and family. Modules included assessment and management tools for supervisor and their teams.

Time Warner, Summer Sizzle Campaign


Consisting of logo, posters, mailers and web banner, the internal Summer Sizzle campaign aimed at enticing Time Warner employees to nominate their favorite summer youth programs. Time Warner provided grants to these programs to help reach and enable deserving youth to build communications skills through creative media. 

Time Warner, Brown vs. Board of Education 50th Anniversary  

Across multiple print and web based media, the 50th Anniversary commemorative theme illustrated the school system segregation, which led to this historic case of Brown vs. Board of Ed.



JPMorgan Corporate Gift

Peering through a die cut window, the phrase “Wherever You Go…” engages you to open the package and read the entire headline, leading you to a pair of branded luggage tags. This package is an example of our communication philosophy which is to first, engage your audience, create interest, and build a momentum which leads to a rewarding, memorable reveal.

Colgate Palmolive, Product Sweepstake Promotions


We developed a series of in-store posters promoting sweepstakes to win a trip to New Orleans Jazz, a day of beauty at an upscale spa and a Mother’s Day free 20-minute phone card with the purchase of Colgate Palmolive products.

CNN National Student Television Awards


Befitting the Student Television Awards for Excellence, outstanding television journalism is represented by the inquisitive eyes of up-and-coming young talents.

Black Mesa Golf Club and New Mexico Tourism


Positioned as "Timeless. Masterpiece.", the Black Mesa Golf Club branding and marketing program we developed, fullfiled two objectives: Promoting the breathtaking Black Mesa golf course in New Mexico AND the rich Native American heritage of the Santa Clara Pueblo.

Another Man’s Poison


This play by George O. Broome had a limited Off-Broadway engagement. The multifaceted promotion projected the play’s distinct drama, the turmoil and hidden conflicts of the main character.


Product Design & Packaging

Avon Products, Father's Day Belt Series

We were commissioned to design a series of sports oriented belt buckles as part of Avon father’s day gift collection. Based on the success of the initial baseball icon, we were asked to extend the series to include football, fishing and bowling, which were also well received.

Fuego Cosmetics International


This small, yet ambitious cosmetic line was rapidly growing and required an image befitting our client’s aspiration to effectively compete with better known international brands.

fuego NEW-min.jpg

Florville Xmas Card

Initially produced as a self-promotion, our Christmas card was later introduced to the market and sold in high-end stores. An award-winning piece, we’re proud that, like our Year ‘Round calendars, it was also included as part of the permanent collection of the Smithsonian Institute National Museum of Design at the Cooper Hewitt.

xmas card-min.jpg

Florville Year'Round Calendars

Initially produced as a self-promotion, our YearRoundTM perpetual calendars are injection molded in the US and have a pending patent. By rotating the outer disc, the month appears through the window and the dates/days are automatically set. Sold in high-end stores worldwide, our user-friendly calendars have won numerous international awards and were featured in Graphis, AIGA, and The Art of Calendar Design, among others. We’re particularly proud of its inclusion as part of the permanent collection of the Smithsonian Institute National Museum of Design at Cooper Hewitt.


Community Engagement

These Our Treasures (TOTS)

TOTS is an early intervention program started by parents of young children with disabilities. As a new organization, they needed to position themselves and create a presence in the communities they serve and beyond. TOTS has grown to become a highly sought-after program alternative to larger, less attentive agencies.

Newark Downtown Park

The Newark Downtown Park branding and marketing effort was a multifaceted, multilingual program produced in English, Spanish and Portuguese. The diverse audience included community leaders, Newark residents, small local businesses, and large corporations based in Newark. The program included diverse community outreach/community engagement material, announcements, mailers and brochures, display exhibits, out door banners, bus shelters, signage and local promotions. Under the theme “A blueprint for Progress,” the program we developed was successful in projecting and positioning the upcoming Newark Downtown Park as a world-class site, filled with beautiful green space, entertainment, arts and fun. And a place where new friends meet and old friends reconnect.