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corporate programs 

Energizing your corporate programs, we create strategic and engaging solutions that maximize participation, inform and inspire your audience to take action.

Following are excerpts of corporate giving campaigns and social responsibility initiatives we helped create for leading organizations and corporations such as: JPMorgan Chase, HBO, Pfizer, Merrill Lynch, Colgate, UNCF, United Way and others. 

JP Morgan Chase UNCF/United Way Giving Campaigns


These highly successful nationwide giving campaigns in partnership with UNCF and United Way consisted of print and intranet-based communications, including posters, mailers, tent cards, training guides, communications kits and web banners.


Every year, the compelling themes we created helped exceed previous years’ contributions by over 50%.

uncf globe banner-min.jpg
uncf globe in handheld tablet-min.jpg
uncf globe anims-min.png
uncf globe anims-min.png
uncf globe anims-min.png
uncf hands_tent card-min.jpg
uncf hands animation-min.png
uncf hands_on tablet-min.jpg
uncf shadow_tent card-min.jpg
uncf shadow in monitor-min.jpg
uncf shadow anim stills-min.png
united way tent card-min.jpg
uncf united way NEW anim-min.jpg
uncf united way NEW anim-min.jpg
uncf united way NEW anim-min.jpg
united way hanging poster june '19-min.j

Corporate Diversity & Inclusion Programs

Branding corporate D&I programs for Pfizer, Merrill Lynch, HBO, JPMorgan Chase

Diversity surrounds us all: Gender, age, culture, religion, class, sexual orientation, disability, marital status and more.


Many see only stumbling blocks -- we see building blocks.


Going beyond the predictable cliches which focus mainly on gender and ethnicity, we create unifying, timeless, unique themes for D&I programs. Our solutions are engaging, atypical, add uniqueness and memorability to each of the programs. Connecting the visual, intellectual and the emotional, they convey, at a glance, your brand's commitment to D&I and inspire action.

While D&I initiatives require different skills at different stages to be effective, we provide a unique and holistic branding approach to developing your message, training curricula, and the overall strategy to support your unique initiative, recruitment and community awareness campaigns.

pfizer BigFabric banners

Pfizer Diversity Program

When Pfizer sought to deepen its commitment to supplier diversity, we undertook an extensive worldwide audit of over 40 separate units, collating information on internal practices and external outreach. We then developed a brand positioning with a distinctive visual style that brought all the units together. Capturing the company’s health mission, we created strong visual metaphors to illustrate the very essence of diversity: nature itself. Expressing the theme " Some See Differences. We See Diversity", apple and oranges, for example, may look and taste different, yet they’re part of the same family.


This engaging, metaphoric approach was successful in offering endless possibilities to distinctively position Pfizer diversity program. The latter includes diverse internal/external print and web-based communications, posters, advertising, marketing collateral, presentation templates, banners and exhibit booth.

Pfizer Diversity Program To brand Pfizer Diversity Program, we developed the theme "Some see differences. We see diversity" and created engaging visual metaphors which illustrate the very essence of diversity: nature itself. This metaphoric approach offers endless possibilities to illustrate Pfizer diversity theme across all media, including posters, advertising, marketing collateral, presentation templates, event banners, exhibit booth and diverse internal/external print/web-based communications.
pfizer_magazine ad-min.png
Pfizer large exhibit booth-min.jpg
1. merrill diversity logo-min.png

Merrill Lynch Supplier Diversity


Having developed the theme "Equal access to opportunity" for Merrill Lynch’s Supplier Diversity Program, the identity we created instantly conveys equality and equal access. The equal sign also subtly resonates with the quantitative nature of their business. Across multiple print and web-based applications, the imprint of an equal sign brands the collateral material and reiterates the program’s mission.

PPT image on monitor-min.jpg
men group on banner-min.jpg
image on tent card-min.jpg
image on hanging banner-min.jpg
merrill Ad-min.png

HBO Supplier Diversity Program

Along with the theme "Picture Diversity", we created multi-colored popcorn which convey both entertainment and diversity. With consistent messaging across all media, cups of colorful popcorn were handed out in a range venues, to echo the theme and engage the audience.

hbo poster large-min.png
HBOretrac banner-min.jpg
popcorn cup-min.jpg
HBO ad-min.png
HBO Exhibit-min.jpg
jpm partnering logo hi rez-min.jpg
jpm partnering logo hi rez-min.jpg

JP Morgan Chase Supplier Diversity 


Under the theme "Partnering for Success", a powerful, yet friendly, identity conveys partnership at a glance and brands JP Morgan Supplier Diversity collateral material.

cdg tent card-min.jpg
div logo in monitor-min.jpg
13. fusco diversity logo-min.png

Fusco Builders Inclusion Program

“Inclusion -- Our blueprint for success," is the theme we developed for Fusco Builders’ Inclusion Program. Conveying the essence of inclusion, the letter “S” in the identity, consists of two arrows, suggesting different points of view that work together for a single purpose. The two arrows also represent the very nature of a builder, taking a plan to its fulfillment. Echoing the theme line, the blueprint motif branded and unified the marketing material.

fusco banner-min.jpg
both copvers w shadow-min.jpg
fusco give away-min.jpg
web page monitor-min.jpg

Colgate-Palmolive Bright Smiles Bright Futures Program


Colgate-Palmolive Bright Smiles, Bright Futures program is a multifaceted initiative which promotes oral health through education and prevention to underprivileged children around the world. The program has reached 100 million children in 80 countries worldwide. The objectives were to reposition the program -- lessen its clinical nature and project a friendly image that fosters engagement, and enhances audience participation. And develop a platform conducive to partnerships with schools, store chains, and community at large.


We created an identity inspired by children’s universal activities -- drawing and coloring, producing a look that's bold, fun, and bright. The marketing campaign included partnership solicitation materials, posters for stores and classrooms, give-away bags, activity kits, handbooks, outdoor event banners and tents. The highly visible dental vans adorned by huge drawings, promote the new image with graphics that are engaging and striking, both up close and at a distance.


The new brand positioning has furthered Colgate efforts in enhancing children participation and creating partnerships with store chains promoting sales of Colgate products, widespread distribution of oral health videos, storybooks and ultimately promoting oral health to millions of children each year.  

FINAL kids on van NEW-min.png
colgate bsbf binder-min.png
colgate bsbf ad-min.png
colgate bsbf spanish card-min.png
Colgate poster 1-min.png
Colgate poster 2-min.png

Selective Corporate Internship Program (SCIP)


Sponsored by an increasing number of corporate partners, SCIP is an internship program for bright and business-minded high school students. Candidates are first selected through exceptional essays, expressing their entrepreneurial vision. From dozens of finalists, nine are selected for internship in the sponsoring corporations. SCIP just celebrated its twentieth anniversary.

SCIP logo-min.png
scip hi rez brochure 72 dpi-min.jpg
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